What most gift ideas for men will surprise your hun?

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What most gift ideas for men will surprise your hun?


I can imagine what you feel when the day come. You look at the clouts, toilet, living room and there is everything for him, but you still want gift ideas for men that will make him happy like a little puppy when you come to home. I'm not going to say you found the right website, I suggest you to see some real engraved gift ideas for men with was made for our customers.


gift ideas for men


How to get gift ideas for men like this?

Simple, choice one of the product: key ring, necklace or lighter then attach you photo. When you do it you will see your photo attached successfully. Another step is, if you want gift ideas for men like engraved photo on both side then forget to add writing. Writing on the back is included into the price with front photo, if you want both side photo then price is little higher.


how to upload photo


Gift ideas for men recommendation

Please remember, your photo should be reasonable quality. What I mean by this is most of people think his photo is good for engraving, but the true is 70% of them we receive not sharp, blurred, out of focus or from one side high exposure of light. Good photo for us means light from front of face and sharp that's all. Here is some example what make gift ideas for men real:


clear photo for engraving


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