Personalised Keyrings and Necklaces

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Personalised Keyring or Pendant for anybody


Those of you that have been following ours various online publications already know how passionately we think about personalised gifts and using your surroundings to get original design ideas. We also follow this steps at on creating photo personalised necklaces. We truly believe that good, solid ideas come from the world around us as much as they come from the real of ideas. I never leave home or go anywhere without my sketchbook and I sketch at least two or three things that catch my attention almost every day.


Jewelry is not only a great way to accessorise, it’s the best way to personalize your look! We’ve been seeing the personalised necklace trend on Hollywood celebs, creative design and popular jewelry are now representing a lot of the progress that is now taking place online towards a more collaborative world of the arts. If in the past sophisticated creative design and mass production intersected only occasionally and mass produced design was often snubbed, nowadays we see that things have almost completely turned around.


Interestingly enough, using the same method to draw ideas and inspiration for name necklaces and other popular jewelry from our dreams. This may sound a bit ‘new age’ to some of you, but we think of going to sleep like going somewhere else. In the same way that I don’t leave home without my sketchbook, I don’t go to sleep without placing a sketchbook and a pencil next to my bed.


We have only begun to scratch the surface as far as the design and consumption habits in an online environment. To illustrate one of the main differenced: in the past we had the potential to consume what was in our immediate environment and beyond that what was produced and advertized in our own country, or brought from abroad for local consumption.


The internet brought a lot of change to the way we design and consume and I think we haven’t even began to understand just how deep this change is and how it is going to influence our aesthetics even further. BTW has a new relationship with two of UK’s finest gift makers (keyring pendant), John Sutton and David Patel. We me award winning artists at this year’s Tuscon gift show and were able to purchase fine examples of their work.  We’ll soon be showing these wonderful gemstones in our unique personalised jewelry.


What better way to wear your first personalised gift, or the first photo of your boyfriend, husband or child, than a delicately adorable photo pendant necklace? these also make the perfect gift for moms or moms-to-be!


The initial pendant necklace also makes a great personalized gift that goes beyond just looking cute. We suggest layering a couple of delicate necklaces with your loved ones’ initials…it’s a fabulous way to keep them close to your heart! Literally.

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